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Hi. My name is Buddy Brinkley. I'm an Electrical Engineer. It's
Monday morning (February 26, 2001). I just woke up for work
and suddenly I'm writing this. It just came to me. This is not my
typical Monday, for sure. Might as well just go with it -- here

I've been a Christian for quite some years now, and I've made an
observation about Christian literature -- not much of it is geared
toward folks with my kind of brain.

I want the facts. I want them quickly, concisely and logically
expressed. I don't want a lot of fluff in between. Don't waste my
time with a lot of symbolism and allegory, and don't bore me with
cute stories or emotional testimony. Just give me the bullet points
and the details that I really need to know. Oh yeah -- make it
short. I prefer the "Cliff Notes" version.
So, with that in mind, here goes my contribution to the world...

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